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Dellwa Co., Ltd. specializes in Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter Micro SD Flash Card, with a factory in Taiwan. It has always been our focus to manufacture finest products and to deliver them on time with attentive after-sales service. Our innovative spirit enables us to stay a step ahead of our competitors by providing the widest range products. Enquiries from global wholesalers, Distributors, buyers, agents and OEM/ODM are welcome.
  • Micro Flash Card - DF001-1
    DF001-1 : Micro Flash Card
    Data recording storage card for camera, mobile phone, and any other storage devices, size: 11.0 * 15.0 * 1.0 mm

    1. Main capacity: 2GB, commercial or industrial standard production both welcome.
    2. OEM capacity: 2GB~64GB, customized brand and packing service are welcome.
    3. Original material flash ic, quality stable & delivery fast.
    4. 100% made in Taiwan, 1 year warranty.
  • Micro Sdhc Flash Card - DF001-2
    DF001-2 : Micro Sdhc Flash Card
    microSD 4GB flash memory card

    1. Commercial or industrial standard production both ok.
    2. Origin flash ic with perfect quality
    3. Made in Taiwan with full capacity.
    4. OEM branding and packing service are welcome.
    5. Warranty: 1 year
    6. MOQ 100 pcs
    7. T/T in advance
    8. With RoHS / CE / FCC certificate
  • Micro Flash Memory Card - DF001-3
    DF001-3 : Micro Flash Memory Card
    microSD flash memory card, 100% made in Taiwan, with Class 10 speed

    1. With RoHS / CE / FCC Certificate
    2. Card size: 11.0 * 15.0 * 1.0 mm
    3. Capacity option of CL10 microSD: 8GB~64GB, we also accept OEM and packing service.
    4. Original flash material, quality performance good
    5. 1 year warranty
  • Flash Micro Sd Card - DF001-4
    DF001-4 : Flash Micro Sd Card
    Memory recording storage card for storage devices.

    1. Main capacity of Class 10 from 8GB~, OEM for industrial or commercial production all OK. (Industrial products' durability reach 30,000~100,000 insertion cycles.)
    2. Compatible with the SD or miniSD memory card slot when using adapter.
    3. IC material from original major brand, with excellent quality.
    4. We accept T/T in advance, and MOQ 100 pcs
    5. OEM or packing service OK.
    6. 100% made in Taiwan, with full capacity.
  • Flash Card Sd - DF001-5
    DF001-5 : Flash Card Sd
    The fastest speed standard microsd flash memory card: SDXC
    Main capacity from 32GB and above, power supply: 2.7V-3.6V
    Operating temperature: 0 to 60°C / 32 to 140°F

    Compatible with the SD or miniSD slot needs adapter), but with smaller in dimensions: 11 x 15 x 1 mm (0.43 x 0.59 x 0.04-inch)

    Commercial or industrial production all welcome. (industrial products reach 30,000~100,000 cycles.), and we provide customized packing service as well.

    Product from original flash ic, made in Taiwan with good quality.
Serious working attitudes, high working efficiency, and outstanding work are the essence of the Company's growth principle. We assure you of on-time delivery of finest

Micro SD Flash Card

backed by prompted and careful after-sales service.


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