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Dellwa Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer, supplier and exporter of SD Flash Card, factory located in Taiwan. Relying on our professional talent and good experience in this field, we acquire a great achievement and have been regarding as one of the best manufacturers in Taiwan.
  • SD Flash - DF002-1
    DF002-1 : SD Flash
    Basic SD flash memory card, for data recording of camera, mobile phone, and any other storage devices.
    This basic speed SD card may produce into 1GB~2GB.
    Card dimension is 32.00 * 24.00 * 2.10 mm.
    Our product using original flash ic to produce, quality stable, fast devliery.
    Any commercial of industrial request please contact us.
    All products pass FCC, RoHS, CE testing.
    Warranty: 1 year.
  • Flash Card - DF002-2
    DF002-2 : Flash Card
    Most popular SD, and high compatible flash memory card format

    The reading speed of CLASS 4 product at least 4 Mbps.
    Main production capacity now is 4GB, Class 4, but we also may produce 8GB Class 4.
    Any OEM or customer's request packing is welcome.
    Customer request for commercial or industrial usage product both OK. (industrial product reach 3,000~100,000 writing times)
    100% made in Taiwan, pass FCC, RoHS, CE testing.
    All products offer 1 year warranty.
  • SD Flash Memory Card - DF002-3
    DF002-3 : SD Flash Memory Card
    Original material flash IC products, with fully satisfy quality, and fast shipping.
    Providing for your data storage application

    Class 4 SD flash memory card main produce into 4GB~8GB.
    Card size: 32.00 * 24.00 * 2.10 mm
    We accept OEM and packing service, please contact.

    Origin: 100% made in Taiwan, and we offer 1 year warranty
    Payment Details: full 1. T/T in advance 2. Western Union 3. Paypal (plus handing charge)
  • SD Compact Flash Card - DF002-4
    DF002-4 : SD Compact Flash Card
    This is higher speed (CLASS 6) SD flash memory card, reading speed reach 6 Mbps at least, frequent production capacity from 4GB~16GB.

    Our product all with RoHS, FCC, CE certificate testing pass.
    Using only original if for production, quality stable and excellent.
    OEM order is welcome, offer 1 yr warranty
    Please check for different standard for production (industrial product may reach 10,000~100,000 writing cycles)
    100% made in Taiwan
  • Flash Memory SD Card - DF002-5
    DF002-5 : Flash Memory SD Card
    Used in variety of digital products: digital music players, cellular phones, laptop PC, digital cameras, digital video camcorders, smartphones, car navigation systems and electronic books

    This Class 10 SD flash memory card, may produce into 4GB~64GB, however most popular order is 16GB~32GB mainly.

    Our product made from original material, with best quality, and we're able to accept customized branding and packing service, offer 1 year warranty.(industrial standard customer has longer warranty, please double confirm)
Serious working attitudes, high working efficiency, and outstanding work are the essence of the Company's growth principle. We can provide with best

SD Flash Card

and thoughtful after-service.


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