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We are a professional Industrial Compact Flash Card manufacturer, supplier and exporter, with more than years of years of experience, the factory in Taiwan We focus on this product can be customized according to customer demand. Any quantity is welcomed. With agressive attention, we can always offer you newest items in the market, with best price and service.
Industrial Compact Flash Card - DF005-4
Model: DF005-4
Industrial Compact Flash Card
Industrial or particular device usage storage memory card

Harsh environment request the industrial level products working under wild range temperature: -40℃ to +85℃, and also shockproof function, durability may reach 30000~100000 insertion cycles.
More application example: Personal data system devices, POS, semi-industrial devices, aerospace or defense…etc.

Our industrial product made from original material flash, quality stable, and all parts made in Taiwan.
Main production capacity from 4GB~32GB, speed around 120X~300X per customer's request. Once the product test passed, internal material shall fix for 5 yrs.

Guarantee: 5 years
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Industrial Compact Flash Card

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